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D. Santziliotis SA
Dairy Products Company
Loutropoli Thermi
Lesvos Island, Greece
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What defines our company's cheeses is their high quality and their particular characteristics upon which their reputation is based. The production of these cheeses requires almost exclusively sheep and ewe milk. This milk differs greatly in both constitution and sensory characteristics from cow's milk. It is therefore normal and expected that cheeses produced from this milk should be different. Moreover, the particular climatological and ground conditions of the island, the race of sheep, the large variety of endemic herbs of the Lesvos, the production conditions and the processing of milk in combination with the long experience in taking advantage of sheep and goat milk are factors that affect and shape their original characteristics.

The most important thing to point out is that almost all of our cheeses are produced from milk of animals that are free to graze in regions that are free from fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides and other polluters; in that sense, they constitute organic products.

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